Olivon Off-Axis Guider

With an Off-Axis Guider, you will immediately be capable of taking great astronomy photographs. An Off-Axis Guider (OAG) is an improvement from conventional guide scopes. OAG eliminates the possibility of flexure (pieces of the system shifting) problems when a separate guide scope is used. This is a major problem that requires frequent re-adjustments and prevents you from getting the perfect photo. The Olivon Giant Off-Axis Guider is the solution.

    Main Advantages of using an Off-Axis Guider:

  • Lighter and more compact than a separate guide scope, reducing the overall weight of your system and allowing lighter mounts to be used.
  • More precise tracking because of the elimination of flexures thus shifting images. The guiding camera and your main camera will always accurately move together.
  • Brighter and higher resolution images of the guide star on the guiding camera, making it easier to notice and correct tracking errors.

    Main Advantages of the Olivon Giant Off-Axis Guider 60/30:

  • No Vignetting: With a large clear aperture of 60mm, the images will be bright, and there will be enough light even for large forma sensors.
  • Low Profile: The Off-Axis Guider is only 31 mm tall, which can accommodate a large focuser that corrects back focus problems.
  • Easily Locating Guide Stars: Two features on OL-GOAG 60/30 designed to help you scan the sky: the guiding turret can rotate 100° freely without affecting the main camera; the prism can be easily tilted with a thumbscrew.
  • Ergonomic Operations: No tools are necessary for operation. Controls were designed to be easy to use even with gloves on.

Available Adapters:

We provide customized adapters. Contact us for details.