Bags & Cases

Olivon Bags, Cases and Backpacks
Olivon offers a wide range of containers in the form of gun cases, rifle bags, backpacks, spotting scope bags and many other types. The materials used vary on the needs and wants of the type of people that use them. Many of which are products of our OEM creations.
  • Most Popular Products:

    CASE-1: 26×14.5×8 – silver, see-through window, includes inner foam
    CASE-2: 26×14.5×8 – black, see-through window, includes inner foam
    CASE-3: 26×14.5×8 – silver, includes inner foam
    CASE-4: 26×14.5×8 – black, includes inner foam
    CASE-5: 44x35x9.5 – includes inner foam
    CASE-6: 100x50x25 – water resistant case for telescopes
    BAGTR189197: 72x11x14 – carrying bag for TR-189 or TR-197 tripod
    BAGTR161C171C: carrying bag for TR-161 or TR-171 tripod
    BAGT150T55: carrying bag for T-150 tripod and T-55 spotting scope
    WAISTEYEPOUCH: waist pouch for eyepieces and accessories
    HUNTINGPACKPACK: backpack for rifle and accessories
    HUNTINGSHOULDER: rifle shoulder bag