Universal Smartphone Camera Adapter

With the Olivon Universal Smartphone Adapter, you can shoot photos through your spotting scope, binocular and even a gun/rifle scope. This means you can get cool digiscoping without having to carry around bulky camera equipment. The Olivon Universal Smartphone Adapter works with most spotting scopes, binoculars and gun/rifle scopes, as well as Smartphones themselves.


Easy and fast

The adapter pins your phone into the correct position and locks it in place. When you look into your preferred scope, you can have the adapter with the phone mounted on the ready. When you see something you want to shoot, you can easily flip the adapter onto the scope and tap the button.

The Olivon Universal Smartphone Adapter does not include any rings normally, though this may differ depending on the reseller. Customers can order 35mm, 44mm, 46mm, 53mm, 54mm and 61mm rings. Each ring come with three rubber inserts. One 1mm, one 2mm and one 3mm. They come with self-adhesive rubber bands of various thicknesses and can be fitted into the inside of the ring to reduce the diameter.

Phones could be maximum of 72mm wide and the distance from the bottom of the phone to the middle of the camera should be a maximum of 125mm.