Universal Camera Adapter Holder

  • Universal Digital Camera Holder
  • The Olivon Universal Camera Adapter Holder is optimized for use with the T650, T84EDO, T800/ED and T900/ED Spotting Scopes. It has a swing arm so you can switch between viewing through the spotting scope with your point and shoot camera or with your own eyes. The tension knobs hold the Universal Camera Adapter Holder in place while you’re viewing with your scope.

    You can also take pictures and video with minimal shaking With the optional shutter cable camera bracket. Furthermore, there is an iPhone Adapter that can be attached to the Universal Camera Adapter Holder.

    The cable release comes in the packing.

  • Olivon T650 Spotting Scope

    Olivon T-650 Spotting Scope

  • Olivon T800 Spotting Scope

  • Olivon T900 Spotting Scope